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Can Leicester City FC go all the way and win the EPL?

Can Leicester City FC go all the way and win the EPL?

Ranieri sure thinks so, the 64-year-old Italian is now a popular figure, because of his extraordinary coaching, fans can only hope that Leicester can fight off their rivals and write the final chapter to the most remarkable tale in Premier League history. His,at first seemingly untypical ways, have definitely had a positive result on Leicester


Kieron Dyer cost West Ham £16m in total and England Fans to Sing ‘La Marseillaise’

Marseillaise” set to be displayed on the screens at both ends of England’s national stadium. Guardian adds: Wembley’s iconic arch will also remain illuminated by the French Tricolore, with France’s national motto Liberté, Egalité, Fraternité also on display. England fans, who have traditionally held up cards to form a huge cross of St George, will